Dwarf satin and teddy rabbits from Thesia breed


dwarf satin (ideal weight 1,0-1,2kg)                                                               dwarf teddy (ideal weight 1,2-1,4)

We focus on breeding nice dwarf rabbits as pets for families with children. However, we can also offer purebred animals suitable for breeding and shows (expected results 93-95,5 points in Czech = 95-98,5 points in Germany). 

Our kennel was founded in 2013, but I have had my own rabbits for 15years and 27 years of experiences in general. Our rabbits have pedigrees certified by the Czech Breeders Association . We breed:
   purebred: dwarf satin (red, etc.)
   registered breeding of new variety: dwarf teddy (japanese, rhön, etc.)
   and others (croos-breeding, no pedigree): dwarf satin in many varieties and crossbreeds of breeds and colors

We live in Czech Republic, near Prague (capital), occasionally we visit big rabbit shows in Germany, Austria, Holland, Slovakia etc. and we could arrange free transport with international certificate of vaccinacion.

price: +-120eur
email: chsthesia@gmail.com
languages: czech-republic-flag-3d-round-icon-32 level C2, united-kingdom-flag-3d-round-icon-32 level C1, germany-flag-3d-round-icon-32 level A1, spain-flag-3d-round-icon-32 level A1